Voice In The Shadows Radio

The radio station was discovered during the purchase of the warehouse, under old dust covers the original equipment laid dormant, empty, waiting for the day it could once again work the airwaves, introducing new sounds and reintroducing old sounds to listeners.

The concept is the same as the days of the extraordinary John Peel ... Ahhh The Perfumed Garden, Tony Blackburn, Kid Jensen, Emperor Rosko and all the other legends of the Pirate Radio scene, Radio Caroline and Radio London bringing music not played by mainstream radio to those that want to hear but onshore and undercover of darkness.

It is still under renovation, the valves are beginning to glow once again. The crackle of the old microphones and the amateur DJs will bring words and music for anyone that wants to hear.

The archives of the now forgotten download of the week have been moved and stored in a room behind an old bakery in Bordeaux. Just knock on the door they will let you in.

Deep Cuts Radio Show  - The latest show coming out of the Strange Museum
Deep Cuts 2 - An Evening with Zero 7 Set List coming soon
Deep Cuts 1 Eclectic to say the least

Vinyl of the Month      
Boozoo Bajou - Dust My Broom (2005)

Keep Going
Take it Slow
9 Below Zero
Way Down
Treat Me
Previous Vinyl of the Month      

Back Door - Back Door (1972)

Vienna Breakdown
Lieutenant Loose
Askin' The Way (Blues)
Turning Point
Jive Grind
Human Bed
Catcote Rag
Waltz for a Wollum
Back Door


Soft Machine - Third (1970)

     Slightly All The Time

     Out Bloody Rageous


     Moon In June

Donna Lee
Come On Come Over
Opus Pocus
Cha Cha
Forgotten Love



There have been 2 very different radio braodcasts over the years "Live From The Warehouse" and "Raiding the Divine Archives" 
Both sets of shows are below.

Live From The Warehouse

  The Setlist
Radio Show 5
 Good Morning Love (S.O.S Retouch)  Teddy Douglass
 Blessed  Those Boys
 Feel Good (Sounds of Soul Retouch)  Lira
 Love Sad  Pete Dibabes feat. Karabo
 Aura Sensation (Bliss NYC Tribe Mix)  Wil Milton
 Heaven  Lemon & Herb
 Twillight (Phatgruv Mix)  Betasweet & Raheem
 You Have Every Right (Jazzuelle Remix)  Ena Waden
 Beautiful View (Rancido's Mix)  Antonello Ferrari
 If You Take My Love (DJ Spen Mix)  Kings of Soul
 Ascension (Piano Mix)  Jihad Muhammad
 Good Ol Love (Homeycomb Vocal Mix)  Honeysweet

Different Me - January 2016
Sweet Nothings (intro) Souled
Different Me DJeff w/ Kholi
In Time Ron Trent Presents TKumah Sadeek
True  Nora En Pure (Mark Lower Remix)
Fable  Lil' Louis (Frankie Knuckles Director's Cut Classic Club Mix)
Love's Been Right Here  Stephanie Cooke & Kenny Bobien (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix)
All I Need is You Dj Man-X feat. Sara Devine (Deep Haven Music)
Willing & Able  Disclosure ft. Kwabs
Warm Water  Banks - (Prod. by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)
I'll Be Out  Aspire Sound (Luis Radio Remix)
Don't Move  Club Session (Jon's Distant Vocal Mix)
Is It Love Typheni (Danny Krivit Re Edit)
Elevation Blaze
Beloved Osunlade
Coracao Tambor (Needs Remix)  Ian Pooley

Deep Flow
Sweet Nothings (intro) Souled
Heaven Blue Wave feat. Sarah Chris
A Letter For You Alien Cafe
Living Room Jazzistics
Through Your Eyes Hornbostel and Donner
Why Can't I Have You Beach Hoppers
The Ghetto (Atjazz Remix) Bob Sinclair
Tanya (New Remix) Vysotskiy
My Love Luis Hermandez
Sure Thing St. Germain
It's Complete Atjazz
You're a Paradox for Me Tafubar, Eskadet

Cafe Noir
Sweet Nothings (intro) Souled
Together Stephane Lumiere
Wholoo Charlie North
No Boarderline Newton
Get Away Svendaq
Ain't No Sunshine Jazzamor
Close To The Sun (John Normic Remix) Gods Blue Chest
Air Of Love Piero. Marga Sol
Caf Noir Akmusique
Song for Mary The Herbaliser
Romantic Love Cam
Love Yourself Blue Six
A Moth On the Window Pane (Scope Remix) Terry Grant
Junebug (Vocal Mix) Vincenzo & Minako

It's Complete too
Sweet Nothings (intro) Souled
Falling (Atjazz Mix) Nitin Sawhney
Let Love Fly (Joe Claussell's Sacred Rhythm Mix) Ananda Project
Day 2001 Atjazz
Deep House Classic Atjazz
Search The Heavens (Atjazz Mix) Quantic
Searchin' (Atjazz remix) Little Big Bee
Colour (Atjazz Remix) Soulstice
It's Complete  (Phil Barnell's Pushin' Your Love remix)
It's Complete Atjazz
Bittersweet Faith  (Thievery Corporation Remix)

All the Words I Never Told You
Sweet Nothings (intro) Souled
Please Don't Turn Me On  (Disclosure Remix) Artful Dodger Feat. Lifford
Too Much 4 Me (Afternoon Sax Dub RC Groove Feat K. Ladawn
Time Stands Still (Original Mix Enrico Donner feat. Theresa Thomason
Life Is Too Short (original dub) Francesco Dia
Disco Queen (Jerry Dees Vocal Dub Mix Deep Grounder feat. Virag
Thirstin' Jack J
Living Andrew Bayer & James Grant
Strandrauber Klangware
Anything Alfred Taylor
All The Words I Never Told You (Marc Poppcke remix) Cosmic Cowboys

Imaginary Themes - Live Set
 Journey To The Center Chris Brann 
 Fly (280 West Mix) 280 West feat. Diamond Temple 
 No More Believe Franck Rodger and M'Selem feat Chris Wonder 
 Find A Way (Danny Krivit Edit) Divinity 
 Worlds (Theme 2) Passion Dance Orchestra 
European Boy (Director's Cut) Lem
Let Yourself Go (A Director's Cut Master) [feat. Sybil]" by Frankie Knuckles
Return To Love (A Directors Cut Treatment) DJ Vivona & Joi Cardwell 
Every Breath  by Marc JB & Inaya Day
Fable  Lil' Louis (Classic Club Mix) featuring China Blac
Golden Era (Director's Cut Episodic Mix) Roisin Murphy 
Rock To The Beat (Original Mix) reese project
I've Got The Feeling (Phunkk Mob Remix) Two Tons O'Fun 
Get Over U Frankie Knuckles pres. Director's Cut feat. B. Slade 
Nothing But Love For You  The Shapeshifters (Directors Cut Mix)

Chillin on Pat n Gayle's Deck
Sweet Nothings (intro) Souled
 Steel Believe Divo Beats 
 A Freak (feat. Tony Kranh) Basement Grooves 
 Latin Kunkle Tommy Holland 
 World Like It Dennis Shultz 
 Best Jump Daniel Mayk 
 Particular Legacy Victor King 
 Deep And Deeper Francis Chic 
 Grace Economy Albert Florin 
 Ho Dancer (feat. Corinna Barclays) Sander Dee 
 Indy Go Philip Grant 
 Take Me Home Paul Sutton 
 Delicious Motel Rex 
 What A Man Nomura Taio 
 In The System Mark Kionne 
Wrong Type Of Day Atjazz

March 30,  2018

Set 1 - Late As It Seems
What I've Always Waited For Nu:Logic 
 Sentimentality Logistics 
 Scandinavian Sunday Madmen & Poets 
 Diamonds Fall (ft.Loz Contreras) Pola & Bryson 
 Fleeting Love Monrroe 
 Over Fourward 
 Into The Night (Dawn Wall Remix) Nero 
 Sketch For My Sweetheart LSB 
 Ghost On Your Lips (ft.Zoe Moon) AK 
 Rise Aperio & Monrroe 
 Transporter Logistics 
 Transference Technimatic 
 Late As It Seems Grifta 
 Platoon (SpectraSoul Remix) Jungle 
 Breathe (ft.Shannon Saunders) Wilkinson 
 Waterborne (ft.Miyoki) Futuristik 
 Seek & Expand (ft.Whiney) Keeno 
 Low Light AK & Bayble 

Set 2 -  Electric Echo
 On Fire Melano 
 Your Love (Mob Tactics Remix) Dodge & Fuski 
 Words (feat. Laura Brehm) Feint 
 Sleepless (Qbig & Zenith B VIP) Qbig 
 Shadow ft. Emy Perez Edlan 
 Getaway (ft. Angel Taylor) (Koven Remix) Tritonal 
 Prime Expansion Urbandawn 
 Colors Back Alex Klingle 
 Weigh me down (ft Holly Drummond) Breaknoise 
 Lost On My Own (feat. Zazu) T & Sugah 
 Poseidon's Jam Redemptive 
 If I Could (feat. Joe Killington) Camo & Crooked 
 Reverse Cold Konichi 
 Mushroom Jive (ft. Holly Prothman) Redemptive 
 steezy 1991
 little bit Futuristik 
 clockwise Technimatic 
 blue spark Flite 
 Diamonds Fall (feat. Loz Contreras) Pola & Bryson 
 Soltipoia Redemptive & Chinensis 
 Colour The Past Krakota ft. Karina Ramage 
 Squeegee Rene Lavice 
 Immortality (feat. Kristel Aaslaid) [Futuristik Remix] Cartoon 
 Circles Tevlo ft. Veela 
 Stratos Champion 
 We Are One (feat. Veela) Rameses B 
 Outsider Bensley 
 Shrine Artificial Intelligence 
 Beside You High Ground 
 Eldervine Blu Mar Ten x Makoto 
 Sun Futuristik 
 Say go (feat. Mara TK) The Upbeats 
 A Little Closed Seba 
 Ignite (feat. Amy J Pryce) Fred V & Grafix 
 Low Light AK & Bayble 
 Comb Funk Fred V & Grafix 
 Into The Fire (ft. Folly Rae) Kove 
 It Means Nothing Phase & Whiney 
 Land, Sea & Sky Keeno 
 Oxygen Smooth 
 Parralel Worlds Redemptive 
 Fish Dossa & Locuzzed 
 Down For Love feat. Helen (Dexcell Remix) Odd Mob 
 Never Give Up Maduk 
 Skeletons (ft. Grimm) Hybrid Minds 
 Change T & Sugah 
 Fallen Leaves Raise Spirit 
 C U Again feat. Mikk Me (Cartoon vs Futuristik VIP) Cartoon 
 Golden Hour (ft. Deuce & Charger) NCT 
 Just Be Good (feat. Nymfo) Maduk 
 Feeling (Piece Of You) Cartoon 
 Don't Believe It (BH Remix) Molly Moore 
 Angels Sing Ownglow 
 Whisper To Me (ft. Sammie Bella) Pola & Bryson 
 silence ft. Charley Pinfold (The Vanguard Project Remix) Dexcell 
 Golden (Champion Remix) Thomas Hayes ft. Kyler England 
 Nothing More Maduk 
 Electric Echo (ft. Gunship) Metrik 
 The Golden Coast Chinensis 
 Virtuality Rameses B 
 No More T & Sugah x Lexurus 
 Dim Sum 1991
 Try Not To Worry Dan Dakota 
 Cadence Metrik ft. Reija Lee 
 Light You Up Crissy Criss & Wide Awake 
 Flutterbyes (feat. Prizm) Logistics x Ownglow 
 These Words Phaction & GLXY 
 The Light Phantom Sage 
 The Wind Will Carry You Flite 

Set 3 - Masterpiece
How I Wish Beesmunt Soundsystem
Conch Spirit Chaser 
I Never Thought I'd See The Day Sade 
Get Over It (Ezel Remix) Bucie 
On The Edge (Original Mix) Josh Butler feat. Kerrie Anne 
Falling Without You (Original Mix) Ross Couch 
Masterpiece (Original Mix) DJ E-Clyps feat. Anya V 
My Words (Original Glide Mix) Kenny Carvajal Feat. John Pierce
Sorrow DP-6
Messages The Rurals 
It Goes On Addex 
Deeper The Groovelab 
Ease Your LIfe (Instrumental Mix) DJ Bluetooth 
Paradise Row (Richard Earnshaw RE-vision) Spiritchaser 
DeepEnd (Original Mix) Jeff Fontaine 
Waterfall (Original Vocal) Miguel Migs feat.Lisa Shaw 
Raiding The Divine Archives
Radio Show 1
Falling (Intro) Gaelle
Paris Nights New York Mornings Corinne BaileyRae
Not in love Djemeia
Movin Down The Line Raphael Saadiq
Golden Jill Scott
Fantasy Girl dwele
Crushed Out Goapele
Keep Tryin' Groove Theory
Wash Away Hil St. Soul
At This Time Algebra
Stars Kindred The Family Soul
Sweet Misery Amel Larriuex
Butterflies Floetry
These Words Natasha Bedingfield ft Dwele
Candy Rain Soul For Real

Radio Show 2
Falling (Intro) Gaelle
Move On Up (Single version) Curtis Mayfield
Brick House Commodores
Got to Get You Into My Life Earth, Wind & Fire
Shame  Evelyn "Champagne" King
Hey Girl Donnie Hathaway (Live)
Who's That Lady Isley Brothers
Theme From Shaft (Vocal Version) Issac Hayes
So Where Are You Loose Ends
Wishing On A Star Rose Royce
Come What May Patti Labelle
Love Comes to Mind The Chimes
Keep on Movin' Soul II Soul
I Love Music The O'Jays
Summer Breeze Isley Brothers
runnin' +  brazilian rhyme (interlude) Earth, Wind & Fire

Radio Show 3
Release (feat. Sy Smith) Ian Martin
Closer Goapele
Vanilla Tree Gwendolyn Joy
Good News (feat. Erana Mei Leef) Noel Elmony
Joy From That Tonia Smith
Indigenous Love Keni Burke
If You Believe Niteflyte feat. Jean Carne
On & On Erakay Badu
Can't Go Back Peggi Blu
Change feat. Lupe Fiasco Joy Denalane
Change It All Goapele
Wonder Caron Wheeler
Falling Gaelle

Radio Show 4
Close Our Eyes (Joey Negro Edit)  Robert Strauss Ft Saidah Baba Talibah
Motivation (Dimitri From Paris Mix)  Atmosfear
Luv Me (Till It Hurts) (RSL Mix)  Plant Life
So Good Today (Original Mix)  Ben Westbeech
We Got The Funk (Hurleys House Mix) (Joey Negro Edit)  2 Raw
The Sun Can't Compare (Joey Negro Edit)  Larry Heard Presents Mr. White
My Love Is Magic (Burrell Club Mix)  Bas Noir
Get It Boy (Al Kent's In Storage Mix)  Million Dollar Disco Orchestra
Latronica (Joey Negro Club Mix)  Dave Lee
Crocodile (Pete Heller Remix)  Underworld
'Make Your Bodyshine' (Accapella)  Doug Willis 
Blessed  Charles Dockins Ft Pedro Herrera
Doug Dastardly (Joey Negro One Way Mix)  Doug Willis
The Cause, The Cure (DJ Meme Philly Suite Mix)  Fish Go Deep Feat. Tracey K.
If You're In Need  Lenny Williams
The Need (Basement Jaxx Mix)  Joey Negro 'The Music' (Accapella)  4th Measure Men
Walk Music  Henrik Schwarz
Roforofo Fight  Fela Kuti
Rideaway Getaway (DJ Spinna Mix)  Agent K

Radio Show 6
 Love the feeling  Leroy Hutson 
 Our own place  4 Hero 
 Mighty Gents  Ton Dante & Peter Link 
 Vox Humana  Nova Fronteira 
 It feels mighty fine  Peter Jacques Band 
 Midnight in the streets  Leroy Burgess 
 We can live forever  Joey Negro presents The Sunburst Band 
 Watcha gonna do  Heaven 'N' Hell Orchestra 
 Happy man  Chis 
 Luvbug  Cloud Nine 
 Play this song  Domu presents Pete Simpson 
 Love Issue  The Rebirth 
 Love Trouble (Remix)  Joey Negro presents The Sunburst Band 
 Let me be close to you  Valentine Brothers 
 Very good friends  Blue Six 
 The star of a story  Heatwave 
 Once I know  Clara Hill 

Radio Show 7
Sweet Nothings Souled
Addictive Love BeBe & CeCe Winans
It's Me Out of Eden
Happier Than The Morning Sun Stevie Wonder
I Can't Explain It Ann Nesby
Keep Tryin' Groove Theory
Nothing Matters Deborah Bond
Until You Come Back To Me Aretha Franklin
Breathe Lalah Hathaway
My Life Mary J Blige
Candy Rain Soul For Real
Sweet Misery Amel Larrieux
So Where Are You LooseEnds
Like a Woman Tony Rich Projest
Tears Dry On Their Own Amy Winehouse

"I guess I am someone for whom youth still seems more real than the present, or the last half century in between. And why not?

I'm deeply underwhelmed by most contemporary art, literature, music, films, tv, the heinous little phones, money talk, political talk, religous talk, all the stuff."

                                           Donald Fagen "Eminent Hipsters"

Sweet Soul Music Arthur Conley 
 Funky Street Arthur Conley 
 Here I Go Again Archie Bell and The Drells 
 Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) Frank Wilson 
 Twenty Five Miles Edwin Starr 
 Dancing In The Street Martha Reeves & The Vandellas 
 Ain't No Mountain High Enough Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell 
 I Get The Sweetest Feeling Jackie Wilson 
 (I'm A) Road Runner Jr. Walker & The All Stars 
 My Baby Specializes William Bell and Judy Clay 
 You're All I Need To Get By Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell 
 Private Number Judy Clay & William Bell 
 I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) Aretha Franklin 
 Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell 
 Am I The Same Girl Barbara Acklin 
 Walk Away Renee [Alternate Mix] Four Tops 
 Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do) Aretha Franklin 
 B A B Y Carla Thomas 
 Green Onions Booker T & The MG`s 
 Harlem Shuffle Bob & Earl 
 I'm A Midnight Mover Bobby Womack 
 We Got To Keep On Casanova Two 
 Love Makes A Woman Barbara Acklin 
 Seven Days Is Too Long Chuck Woods 
 Move On Up (Single version) Curtis Mayfield 
 Our Love (Is In The Pocket) Darrell Banks 
 Girls Are Out To Get You Fascinations 
 Ain't No Woman (Like the One I've Got) Four Tops 
 Band Of Gold Freda Payne 
 I Was Made to Love You Stevie Wonder 
 (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher Jackie Wilson 
 Get Up Offa That Thing James Brown 
 Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) Kim Weston 
 I'm Gonna Miss You The Artistics 
 My Baby Must Be A Magician The Marvelettes 
 Uptight (Everything's Alright) Stevie Wonder 
 Soul Man Sam & Dave 
 That Lady, Pt.1 Isley Brothers 
 What's Going On Marvin Gaye

Beau's It's a Mod Life
      Mod Bands 
Can't Explain The Who
Watcha Gonna Do 'bout It The Small Faces
Gimme Some Lovin The Spencer Davis Group
My Generation The Who
Itchy coo Park The Small Faces
You Really Got Me The Kinks
Keep On Running The Spencer Davis Group
   Stax and Motown still reigned 
Ain't Nothing But a Houseparty The Show Stoppers
Midnight Hour Wilson Pickett
Going to A Go-Go The Miracles
Jimmy Mack Martha and The Vandellas
Rescue Me Fontella Bass
Give Me Just A Little More Time Chairman of The Board
Nowhere to Run To Martha and The Vandellas
     Post Punk - New Mod Revival
Town Called Malice The Jam
Time For Action Secret Affair
Maybe Tomorrow The Chords
Modern World The Jam
     And along came Two Tone and the Ska Revival
One Step Beyond Madness
Mirror In The Bathroom The Beat
Too Much, Too Young The Specials
On My Radio Selector
Ranking Full Stop The Beat
Letter To You, Rudy The Specials
I Confess The Beat
   The Modfather, Paul Weller, from Post Punk to R&B/Mod Band
Micks Up The Style Council
Headstart To Happiness The Style Council
Long Hot Summer The Style Council

Maximum R&B

  Jackie Wilson Says Van Morrison
  Tears Dry On Their Own Amy Winehouse
  Treat  Her Right The Commitments
  White Honey Graham Parker and The Rumour
  Shake Your Hips Joan Osborne
  Hold Back The Night Graham Parker and The Rumour
  She Does It Right Dr. Feelgood
  Soul Shoes Graham Parker and The Rumour
  Heat Treatment Graham Parker and The Rumour
  Smokestack Lightening The Yarbirds
  Going Back Home Dr. Feelgood
  That's How Heartaches Are Made Dusty Springfield
  All Your Love  John Mayal's Bluesbreakers
  Shake Your Moneymaker Fleetwood Mac
  Bullfrog Blues Rory Gallagher
  2120 South Michigan Avenue Rolling Stones
  Domino Van Morrison
  C C Rider Chuck Jackson and Maxine Brown
  Grow Your Own Small Faces

Big Boss Groove
The Big Boss Groove The Style Council
If This Ain't Love (Don't Know What Is) Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators
Speak Like A Child The Style Council
Since You've Been Gone Keef Alonzo and The Groove Revival
Who Knows Who Orgone
My Ever Changing Moods The Style Council
Funky Nassau Orgone
You're The Best Thing The Style Council
Who doesn't want to hear a funk version of an ABBA song by a Norwegian band ya know you do
Dancing Queen Nils Landgren Funk Unit
Git Back Sugar Pie DeSanto
Freak U Nils Landgren Funk Unit
From one of my favorite albums by the Modfather himself "The Cost of Loving"
Heavens Above The Style Council
Fairy Tales The Style Council
Angel The Style Council
Walking The Night The Style Council

"We are in a golden age of music. There will be a time when technology becomes so advanced
that we'll rely on it to make music rather than raw talent...and music will lose its soul." 
                                                                                                                          Freddie Mercury
Golden Vox
Prelude To The Garden
The Secret Garden Quincy Jones w/ Barry White, Al B. Sure, James Ingram, El DeBarge
Keep Tryin' Groove Theory w/Starr Larrieux
Sweet Misery Amiel Larrieux
I Want You Wilson Pickett
Call On Me Frankie Beverley and Maze
Until You Come Back To Me Aretha Franklin
No One In The World Anita Baker
Let's Straighten It Out O.V. Wright
Stars Kindred The Family Soul
Crushed Out Goapele
Be Ever Wonderful Earth Wind and Fire
The Highways of My Life Isley Brothers
My Life Mary J. Blige
Your Love is King Sade
Memory Lane Minnie Riperton
What's Going On Marvin Gaye
Wishing On A Star Rose Royce

The Muse

Lullabies for Stoners


The walls of the studio are decorated with posters and documents of some of Ole Duke's favorite artists .. as you walk around stop by and read some of the articles and some are linked to a favorite piece of music by the artist .. some are not.

Headphones are not supplied.

A perfectly glorious song by U2 - Drowning Man (from the 1983 album .. yes I  said album ... "War")