The Owl's Eye

People come and go through the museum, some stay longer than others.

One sunny day on a patio of a bar in the west Ole Duke enjoyed the company of 4 interesting characters and had a graand time and one that could have led to interesting conversation and a more in depth meeting had time allowed.

None the less the promise of an exploration of the sounds contained in the Museum studio was promised and so slowly but surely sounds will be brought to life once again.







ob·scure  .... əbˈskyo͝or/

All these tracks may require a little weed or certainly an adequate amount of strong cider AND plenty of time, these are not short dance tracks.

A Blanket in My Muesli - Mighty Baby (Live at Glastonbury Festival 1971) personally one of the best drug induced extended jams ever .. but that is just the opinion of fletcher and me. Mighty Baby came on stage late, they played as the sun was coming up and fletcher and I were definitely in the right frame of mind. Actually on second thought the best has to be the Pink Fairies doing Do It and Uncle Harry's Last Freak Out. Again me and fletcher were right there.

Out-Bloody-Rageous - Soft Machine. Classic 1970's Jazz Fusion ( One of my top ten tracks to have for a life time on a desert island.)

Slightly All The Time - Soft Machine (Read above, still applies)

Thank Christ For The Bomb - Groundhogs. A track that resonated with all of those in the old English socialist party that protested the use of nuclear weapons back in the day. The aircraft that dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the Enola Gay and Bock's Car. I still get a chill when I listen to Tony McPhee (The guitarist) recreates the sound of the aircraft and the bombs.

Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape - Be Bop Deluxe (Because I am from Yorkshire and so is this band)


Love It's Complicated - A kind of deep house love compilation of some of  the favorites of