The Strange Museum

There is a world, a parallel world, that exists right where you are. It is a world where self destruction thrives. This world is surrounded by the eternal mist, an ether, an invisible layer that protects and conceals all that exists inside and is waiting for all who cease to see this world we live in. He lived there for many years. At first he didn't even realize that he had moved into the mist. Not many do, the slightest weakness, a crack in the outer veneer of real life and the mist moves in and begins to shroud what was once reality.

       "I'll keep on diving til I reach the ends,
      dredging up the past to drive me round the bendz,
      what is it in me that I can't forget
      I keep finding so much that I now regret.
      But no, on I go down into the depths
      turning things over that are better left
      dredging up the past that has gone for good
      trying to polish up what is rotting wood.

      Something inside takes me down again
      diving not for goblets but tin cans
      dredging up the past for reasons so rife
      passing bits of wrecks that once passed for life.

      But I'll keep on diving till I drown the sea,
      of things not worth, even mentioning
      perhaps I'll come to the surface and come to my senses
      but it's a very deep sea around my own devizes."


Then one day he saw briefly through the mist and saw what he thought was the way out, the way to escape the mist. How bizarre that people coexist on one planet but in different worlds.

He began to formulate a plan to escape, but how could a man of intellect, a person that could present a facade of understanding of the world around him possibly want to give up what he knew.  The answer to his beliefs meant passing through this world in order to get to his answer. What could be an answer that required the demise of a life.

But life has a different meaning to everyone, we can only presume to understand that which we have not experienced.

He almost made it, almost found his answer, but the plan failed, he was caught, imprisoned and taken to a place where they probed into the psyche of a person who would want to leave this world, but it was their understanding of a world .. not his. They had not seen into the mist, had they experienced what existed on the other side, what had been believed.

He eventually began to understand what these people were saying, he listened, read their words and began to see this world differently, he could live here after all. There was peace and serenity within, he knew that the mist hid it, had become the screen and what was once security became the reason behind it all.

He was there, a curve in the road of his life. There was the light that moved away shadows, that shone on the path ahead, the road ahead is covered with life's broken promises and unlived dreams. 

It was a time to view, and review, the baggage that was carried from lifetime to lifetime, we should never believe we are here on earth with only one lifetime, (we have a limited life span, but within the time frame .. we grow, we regress, we are children and adults, sometimes at the same time).

It became apparent that during his travels he had amassed a collection of things that had been carried with him wherever he went. These were his riches, his precious collection, and some were also his obstacles. 

And so began the building of The Strange Museum. 

An old cyber warehouse at the end of the dimly lit street that once housed an underground pirate radio station in the late 60's became home and the museum began to take on it's own character much like it's curator.

If you move from this page you become a visitor. This alone allows you to move between the rooms, halls,  corridors and through the doors that make up his collection of passions, thoughts, emotions and ideas. Opening doors to empty, dusty rooms, strolling past exhibits in progress, exhibits of shows no longer cared for, exhibits in construction that may never be finished. 

This site will change, some of the changes will be obvious, some hidden in the shadows of the rooms. Explore or not it's your choice. But come on in  .. admissions free.

The Strange Museum

Come on in - admissions free, I won't refuse - those who want to see
Bring your loved ones, those you hold dear
Bring them all, there's no restrictions here
But don't look for blame, or an easy escape
There's nothing on show - that isn't your shame
So come on in - it's a small price to pay
And I won't refuse, those who've lost their way
It's a strange museum

                                                                                       Paul Weller "The Strange Museum"


The Strange Museum ... life in here is quiet, I don't get many visitors. But what you will find in here is me, like it or not, it's me. It's rooms within rooms, hallways and corridors, doorways to somewhere, doorways to nowhere.

Hey if life is hectic for you and you enjoy it that way ... read
this before you leave. This is my sanctuary from the noise and haste of a world. And also a place for me to enjoy life again. The museum is a slowly evolving creation as exhibits come, exhibits go. Locked doors open ... open doors lock.

This symbol,       located throughout the museum, will always bring you back here.


Come on in ... admissions free ... I won't refuse those who want to see



The Halls and Corridors

As you slide the old metal doors open, you will find the light switch on your right. The first floor was the old pirate radio station that now contains the collections.

The dust covers have been removed and the old radio equipment is starting to glow again as "Voice in the Shadows Radio" is being prepared to go back on the air.


The way to many rooms is through doors of other rooms. A door may open to a maze of rooms and corridors. All of which will contain a memory, some are still locked, but he has the keys somewhere. 

The staircase leads down to the basement and along the tunnel that links the Museum to The Alchemist Hall. As is to be expected the The Alchemist Hall was once the meeting place of the anyone that had a revolutionary tendency in the late 60's.

Slogans still on the wall, although faded give life to that time, a time of change.

                                      The cinema will re open and show movies     found in an old cupboard during the renovations. Classic black and white movies, exploitation movies and old Sci Fi from the 30's, through early 70's ... all full length ... all free.





 The Museum is always open ... I wont refuse those who want to see.

                                                                                Ole Duke

Thank you Frank and goodnight ...



 The Strange Museum is a production. 





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