Beat the Devil (1953)




Director: John Huston
Producer: Jack Clayton, John Huston, Humphrey Bogart
Production Company: Santana, Romulus Films Ltd., Rizzoli-Haggiag (associate)

This movie has not become a cult classic for nothing. Among its other merits, it is one of the few films where a film noir is mixed with a comedy.

'Beat the Devil' is a fine piece of work by Houston, Capote, and Bogie. Its totally enjoyable. Good pacing, snappy dialogue, plenty of atmosphere and unusual locales. The plot has a half-dozen twists and surprises--and more than a few chuckles are to be had, at the wild antics of the outlandish cast of characters.

The picture has old-world charm. It is a film from the hundred-year-long-period of filmmaking *before* Star Wars came out. It emphasizes dialogue and character rather than action. It is a movie for intelligent adults with a sensitivity for the humor found in awkward social situations, where classes mix.