He Walked By Night (1948)




For those who have never heard about the backstory behind this movie, it goes a little something like this:

On April 25th, 1946, Erwin Walker shot and injured Detective Lieutenant Colin C. Forbes and one other officer, when Forbes made an attempt to arrest Walker, after unloading around $40,000 worth of stolen motion picture equipment to a sound engineer named Willard Starr. Fast forward to June 5th; California Highway Patrolman Loren C. Roosevelt was gunned down by Walker. Walker was finally arrested on December 20, 1946, after a gun battle with detectives. He was shot twice. While treated at the hospital, they found some old bullet wounds, which he admitted were from the April battle, and he treated these wounds himself.

In June of 1947, Walker claimed insanity as the reason for what all had happened.

Of course, what happened after the movie came out in 1948 proved more dramatic than the movie itself. While the movie wasn't 100% accurate, it did get most of the facts in there, and at the same time, "the names have been changed to protect the innocent." If you're a fan of the film noir genre, or a fan of "Dragnet", you'll enjoy this movie.