The Studio Wall

Is happiness real?
Or am I so jaded
I can't see or feel - like a man been tainted
Numbed by the effect - aware of the muse
Too in touch with myself - I light the fuse

I'm the changingman - built on shifting sands
I'm the changingman - waiting for the bang-
As I light a bitter fuse

Time is on loan - only ours to borrow
What I can't be today - I can be tomorrow

And the more I see - the more I know
The more I know - the less I understand.

It's a bigger part -
    When our instincts act
A shot in the dark -
    A movement in black

I'm the changingman - built on shifting sands
I'm the changingman - waiting for the bang



The essence of Dukes life has been the varied assaults on the senses provided by music. Probably had something to do with laying in bed as a kid and listening to his Dad playing stuff from his own immense Jazz collection ... Miles Davis playing "Godchild" from Birth Of The Cool .. British Be Bop greats John Dankworth,  Ronnie Scott, Tubby Hayes. Sadly with the his Dad's death the albums have been integrated into the museum collection. The joy of having them is overshadowed by the loss.

In all the worlds Ole Duke has lived in, music has been a key to unlock many emotional doors, or in some cases lock them.

Music takes on a certain intensity for Duke and we hope you approach the many and varied artists that will appear in the exhibit with an open mind and more importantly an open ear.

The exhibits (as he calls the collection pinned and taped to the walls) are ever evolving as equally interesting diversions of which some produce music of striking originality yet, in hindsight, viewed as a curate's egg. Others were of an ephemeral nature and died the death of fashion. Whatever though here's to those that have the courage and belief in the music to stick with it.

Prefab Sprout - Love Breaks Down


An excerpt from an interview with Ole Duke

"I guess the first pages taped up were Miles Davis articles and pictures followed of course by John Coltrane. I was in a jazz phase which has never gone away just surfaces with more ferocity at times. Keith Jarrett, Soft Machine then I got hold of Alice Coltrane's album. Ptah, The El Daud.

This led to revisiting Mahavishnu Orchestra which led to John McLaughlin and Thelonious Monk and in perfect circular reasoning brought me back to Miles Davis and some of his earlier work with Gil Evans and Bill Evans. Now it came to my attention that Jimi Hendrix had planned to go into the studios with Miles Davis. Unfortunately we will never know the joy and power of such a collaboration.

How do bands and artists such as Frank Zappa, The Style Council and The Tragically Hip end up stuck on the wall with all these jazz giants ahhh it's the joy of music and tangential thinking. Paul Weller of course due to The Style Council and The Jam. Joy Division for saving my life and putting this whole museum in perspective for me. The Cure for just being who they are. Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell along with Paul Weller and Ian Curtis are amazing wordsmiths.

Back in the days of my youth I was a Mod and American soul music was everything, now it holds firm in England as Northern Soul and all the world beat sounds I have heard and gathered from my travels find a place in the studio. It continues to provide inspiration and diversity for the programming of the VITS Radio."


My Desert Island Discs (What I would need to take if I was stranded on a desert island and all I had was a solar powered Bose stereo system .. many cases of good wine French of course, a few barrels of New Belgium Brewery's 1554, infinite supply of crab and Lobster tails, seared Ahi Tuna from the Rockbottom Brewery .. and of course my favorite baristas from Starbucks and Vente Latte's all round ... Ok that should do it.)

1      - Soft Machine - Third
2      -
Paul Weller - Live Wood
3      - Joni Mitchell - Shadows and Light
4      -
Style Council - Adventures of a Pop Group
5      -
Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue
6      - Nicole Nordemann - Woven and Spun
7      - 
Tragically Hip - Live Between Us
8      - The Doors - LA Woman
9      -
John Coltrane - Reflections
10    - Robert Randolph - Live at University of Wisconsin Madison 02-20-2005

First Substitutes

Miles Davis - In A Silent Way
Nitin Sawhney - Prophesy
Soulive - Live at The Electric Factory, Philadelphia PA 04-22-2006