Beginning Responsibility: Lunchroom Manners (1959)



In this dated clip we have a group of VERY unhappy kids -- kids who were being tortured into an age-appropriate enforced conformity of politeness and courtesy. Those poor saps. They didn't know a thing about how to really ENJOY life; they didn't know or understand that the key to true happiness and personal fulfillment is to throw your lunch tray across the cafeteria & into the teacher's face.

Fortunately, today we are no longer hampered by such old-fashioned fuddy-duddy modes of strait-jacketed thought. Fortunately, we have advanced to a degree of civilization which is far, far beyond the boring (and silly) culture which was being force-fed to those horribly oppressed children of yesteryear in this video.

Yes, yes -- these days, "Miss Brown" would need to carry pepper spray around with her: and she'd need to be sure to look over her shoulder at all times. She'd also need to be certain that she had her 911 speed-dial button programmed on her cell phone, ready for quick use at any time. The "dark-haired kid" running wildly about and gesticulating in the lunchroom would be waving a 9mm Glock handgun over his head, wearing black, as he joyously celebrated his right to his individual self-expression by randomly firing into his fellow students as they ate their lunch.

And, oh yeah.....we mustn't forget that from an architectural standpoint: we now design our school buildings with certain elements of prison technology built into them. Hmmmmmm. I wonder why that's become necessary?

The beauty of the current situation is perfectly obvious to anyone who has half a brain, or who has half an education -- and this beauty is never so clearly demonstrated as in today's news: where a group of playfully mischievous, self-expressing 3rd graders were plotting together to kill their teacher -- having brought steak knives, handcuffs, and other such childish implements of mayhem and gore to school: along with an apple for teacher.

No, no, won't see any Mr. Bungles in the schools today. He retired along with the old man elementary school principal back in 1959. Mr. Bungles is a dinosaur blundering his way to us up out of the La Brae tar pits of a culturally repressive past: a past wherein guns were easier to obtain than they are today -- and yet the kids didn't take advantage of this fact to engage in the wholesale slaughter of their fellow students and/or their teachers. I wonder what's changed between then and now?

We've become FAR too sophisticated in ourselves for the likes of the insipid Mr. Bungles -- even in the 3rd grade.

We should be very proud of ourselves for having come so far and achieved so much ((and of course we are....VERY PROUD of fact: it's our new hallmark)). Mr. Bungles is dead.....and he's been replaced by.....uh....."freedom".

Yeah -- that's it. "Freedom".