Minnie The Moocher 

They must have had an incredible amount of fun making this cartoon. Minnie gets caught up with a pot headed coke sniffin junkie who teaches her how to "kick the gong" ( mainline heroin ).

Later she meets up with a pimp, the king of Sweden, who gives her somethin she was needin' (a sad reality of the day for a number of young ladies in a different world around the other side of the tracks).

This played on Saturday morning cartoons all over America on the major networks.

The suburban housewives of the time would have had coronaries had they understood it.

This follows in the tradition of telling kids scary stories about murders and birds plucking out their eyes, etc. that has always been so popular in Anglo culture and prominent in lullabies and nursery rhymes.

Cab Calloway has a topnotch band and the kids are the winners here. They get a glimpse into a culture totally taboo and get to hear some of the finest jazzmen alive. Although they would not realize it for another twenty years.

All in all the short had a good message for the kids to boot.

Careful about running away there are dangers out there...This is one of the greatest pop cultural works of all time.